2019 Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2019

Wanamingo Township January Meeting Minutes
January 17, 2019    

The January meeting of the Wanamingo Township Board was called to order at approximately 5:30 PM on Thursday, January 17, 2019 by Chairman Tom Shane.  Members present were Supervisors; Tom Shane, John Hegseth and Don Reynolds. Clerk; Tamra Berg. Treasurer; Nancy Hegseth. Maintenance; Kerry Olson. The Pledge of Allegiance was said. Treasurer's report read by Nancy.  Motion by Don to approve the treasurer's report 2nd by Tom.  Clerk's report was read by Tamra.  Motion by John to approve the minutes 2nd by Don.

Present Bills: Motion by John to pay Shane Electric 2nd by Don. Tom abstain. Motion carries.  Motion by John to pay the remaining bills 2nd by Don.  Motion carries

Building Permits: none

Bruening Rock left a bid for the supervisors to review.  Supervisors would like a similar form filled out by Kielmeyer so they have a better comparison.  John will get a similar form to Kielmeyer's.

Old Business:
    Maps done for County for mileage
    Planning and Zoning: Rae had contacted Tamra and we will try to get planning information together to finalize changes to the township ordinance.
    Road Updates: Kerry stated the weather has been mild.  He has plowed some slush and has cut trees in the ditches right of way.  He has made piles in the ditches and he and Tamra had been trying to contact the DNR to get a permit to burn the piles.  Kerry is working on a Pesticide license for commercial application.  Board stated they will help cover costs associated with the application fee and any study materials.  Kerry will also follow-up with the status of the fire extinguishers.
    John attended the Public Hearing concerning solid waste designation on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 9 AM in Red Wing.  There was a large audience in attendance and quite a few had questions.  There was a question about mileage reimbursement for haulers that are far from Red Wing and the commissioners did not have an answer for that.  Excel will burn the garbage. Goal is to cleanup and close the old landfill site.  Many communities felt that the town of Red Wing will be the only area getting the best financial outcome of this situation.  Commissioners will wait on a vote after a 90-day hold as they are still gathering information.
    Clerk/Treasurer training for January 24 is full. There was a waiting list.
    Tamra received an email response from MAT concerning leasing equipment and conflict of interest with Kerry filing for supervisor and also being an employee.  He can be elected to the supervisor position but would just have to use the “conflict of interest” process.  Email on file.

New Business:
    December calls for service were 27    
    Township Office was open January 15, 2019 for officer filing from 1-5 PM with Kerry Olson filing for supervisor and Nancy Hegseth filing for treasurer.  Filing fees were collected.
    John made a motion to have a resolution form for LBAE per County request 2nd by Tom. Motion carries

Other Business:
    Kerry was wondering if he could have the Vasa township maintenance man be his backup.  He will check on what is required to do that.
    Reminder of the Goodhue Township officer's meeting in Zumbrota on Saturday, February 2, 2019.  John, Nancy, Tamra and Kerry plan to attend.  
    Tamra put up new map from County showing number of building sites per section in Wanamingo Township
    John presented information about a new dump truck.  Single axle, stainless steel sander, automatic for $169,000. It is located in Elk River.  It has a monroe plow.  This was discussion only.  Our current plow is a 1999 model purchased new in 1998.  Past history was that the township would trade dump trucks every 15 years.  This could be discussed at the annual meeting with the residents.

Motion to adjourn by John and 2nd by Tom. Motion carries
Meeting adjourned at 6:36 PM
Next Meeting on Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 5:30 PM   

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