Building Permits

Procedure for Obtaining a Building Permit

1)  Plan your project.  A brief sketch is very helpful.  Include distances to well, septic tank, feedlots, public roads, and all property lines.  Download and print both the Township Zoning Approval application and the County Building Permit application (see links below).
2)  Contact a Town Board or Zoning Board member.  You may need to schedule a meeting with the Zoning Board first depending on the scope of your project. Conditional use permits, variances, and more complex projects will require a meeting with the Zoning Board.
3)  Call the Township Clerk to get on the agenda for the next Township Board meeting.  The Board will approve and sign your Township Zoning Approval application if everything is in order and complete.  You will need to write a check to Wanamingo Township for your permit.  The cost is based on the size of your project, with a $25 minimum fee.
4)  Take your signed and approved Township Zoning Approval application to Goodhue County in Red Wing. The County must then approve your County Building Permit application. If approved,  you will need to pay the County a fee to receive your final Building Permit.
5)  Complete your building project according to the terms of your permit.

Forms and Information

Township Zoning Approval application
Click here to download a Township Zoning Approval application.

County Building Permit application
Click here to download a County Building Permit application.

MN Building Code
Click here for more information about the Minnesota Building Code and Goodhue County information.


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