2021 Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2021

Wanamingo Township January Meeting Minutes
    January 28, 2021

**This meeting had been moved from January 21 to January 28 due to a scheduling conflict. This change was published and posted**

The January meeting of the Wanamingo Township Board was called to order at approximately 5:34 PM on Thursday, January 28, 2021 by Chairman Tom Shane.  Members present were Supervisors; Tom Shane, John Hegseth, and Kerry Olson. Clerk; Tamra Berg and Treasurer; Nancy Hegseth.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said.  Clerk’s report was read by Tamra. Motion by Kerry to approve the minutes. 2nd  by Tom.  Motion carries.  Treasurer's report was read by Nancy.  Nancy said that Josh Lyon has not cashed check #4395 from Sept.  Tamra will ask Josh about that.  Motion by John to approve the treasurer’s report.  2nd by Kerry.  Motion carries.  

Present Bills:  Tom questioned why more money ($9,098.00) is spent on Erickson Engineering for bridge L0698 (63rd Ave.).  Wondering if that is due to the bridge revisions requested by Richard Berquam.  The township will get a “refund” from the County when the total amount for the bridge engineering fees and construction exceed $20,000.  Kerry had spoke with the County and they are still waiting for a signed deed from Richard Berquam.  Tom made a motion to pay Kerry.  2nd by John.  Kerry abstains.  Motion carries.  Motion by Tom to pay remaining bills.  2nd by John.  Motion carries.
Building Permits: none

Old Business:
    Maps done for County for mileage: ongoing
    Planning & Zoning: nothing to report
    Road Updates: Kerry has been plowing snow.  He also spoke with the Hjermstad’s concerning the ditch by their yard getting tore up.  He will take care of it in the spring.
    Board of Appeals Online Training ends Feb. 1 and Tom said he will get it done
    Kerry has piled snow on the west end of the minimum maintenance road by Len Feuling’s.  He said the new homeowner; Jeff Engstrom, on the east end has put his own gate up as he prefers not to have any traffic come through there.
New Business:
    John discussed information about LRIP that was in the MAT magazine.  This is a grant program to fund a road improvement project.  Townships are eligible to submit a project and receive funding. They must work with the county road engineer to submit an application.  Kerry has talked to the County Engineer as this would be a good way to get 110th Ave. updated to a 10 ton road and possibly tar it.  The road has heavy traffic usage from Ag Partners from both the north and south end and is “flattening out”. Tamra gave the application form to John and Kerry and they will see what information is needed to complete it.  Deadline is March 3, 2021
    Dec. calls for service were 23
    Kielmeyer sent a letter requesting an extension on the 2020 quote for the 2021 season.  Kerry made a motion to accept the extension of Kielmeyer’s 2020 contract for the 2021 season.  2nd by Tom.  Motion carries.
    Ames Construction which is bidding on the Hader interchange had approached Kerry looking for compactable fill.  The scope of what would be needed was quite significant and Kerry told them there was nothing available in Wanamingo Township.
    Tamra had emailed the County concerning the status of the Boyum Pit and was told it was effectively closed since they never renewed any of the mineral extraction permits, and they never got a township permit either.  Most mining permits remain in place until reclamation is complete and the requests that came up in 2017 were not followed through by Bruce Boyum.  The County will be following up on this.
    We will need to hold a Board of Audit at the Feb. 18th meeting.
    March 9, 2021 Annual Election and Meeting:  Any concerns with COVID or holding the meeting in-person? Board felt that due to the small number of residents that attend and with no pressing issues an in- person meeting can take place.  Information from MAT states you must hold the meeting on that date but you can do a continuance if there are any big issues that would need more resident input.
    Absentee ballot supplies can be picked up on Feb. 1
    Board of Appeals is scheduled for April 14, 2021 at 3 PM
    2020 W/2’s have been printed and distributed.

Motion to adjourn by John and 2nd by Kerry.  Motion carries
Meeting adjourned at 6:40 PM    
Next Meeting on Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 5:30 PM

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